Featuring work by:

Tom Hazuka

Sherrie Flick

Bruce Holland Rogers

James Claffey

Tara Deal

Rosie Forrest

J.A. Tyler

Emily J. Lawrence

Greg Gerke

Jaydn DeWald

Jenny Robertson

Damon McLaughlin

Jenean McBrearty

Brendan Isaac Jones

Charles Heiner

Michael Crane

Mary Emerick

Tara L. Masih

Caleb True

Andrew Kozma

Ester Bloom

Tom Weller

James Bernard Frost

Alex Mindt

Edited by

Katey Schultz

John Carr Walker

BITE features flash fiction originally published on Cheek Teeth Blog, as well as new work appearing for the first time in print. Edited by Katey Schultz and John Carr Walker, BITE is now available! Visit our e-store to purchase!

From a ride in the car with grandpa, to a lover confessing he is from Mars, the stories in BITE zero in on the intimate, often overlooked moments of life that have the power to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. In these very brief stories, emerging authors such as Lesley Alicia Tye, and established masters of the form like Tom Hazuka, demonstrate that the truth of our lives is in the details. There’s nothing like the power of a well-told story to drive this home and there’s nothing like flash fiction to do so in as few finely crafted sentences as possible. Whether looking back at Hercules Massis, reporting the night terrors of Shop-Vac man, or entering the imaginary world of a young boy and his pet fish, these 33 stories conjure vivid worlds in a matter of sentences. Authors include: Sherrie Flick, Bruce Holland Rogers, Alex Mindt, Tara L. Masih, and more.