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What's New With the Dinosaur

12/1--BITE on sale today!

2/25--Issue 4 announced!

9/17--Issue 3 announced!

6/22--Issue 1 now available on line. Read free!

1/2011--Cheek Teeth blog relaunch, featuring flash fiction by James Bernard Frost.

12/2010--Review of Issue 1 at

11/2010--Issue 1 now available as an ebook! Click here to check it out.

10/ TRACHODON is New Lit on the Block.


Our mission is to publish the best contemporary writing in a small, handsomely designed journal as a paperback and multi-format ebook, with a nod toward the “little” magazines of nearly a century ago; to stand behind our publication and our contributors by using every viable form of media to connect readers and writers; to present the stories that need telling--in print and electronically--because great writing needs great readers. 

Our vision is to make each issue recognizable but unique; to create a quality periodical that can be read in one sitting; to put enough of ourselves into it that the journal will become something more than just another recyclable or unopened file.