Trachodon (TRACK-oh-don) the dinosaur was discovered and named by Joseph Leidy in 1856, based on the fossilized remains of seven teeth.  It was hypothesized to be an herbivore, with more than ten-thousand “cheek teeth” lining its mouth, and was one of the first dinosaur skeletons to be reassembled for display and study in the United States.  It wasn’t long, however, before Leidy himself began to doubt his taxonomy, and over succeeding generations of debate, the genus Trachodon came to be regarded as nomen dubium—a doubtful name.  Poor dinosaur.  Twice left behind by an evolving world.


TRACHODON the magazine is born in the spirit of revisiting and renewing the old. Old ideas, old things, and old ways of working. We believe literature and art, in all forms, are timeless, but how they are encountered changes dramatically generation to generation.  While we like the convenience and access of the Internet, we love the smell of ink and the feel of paper, the weight and texture of pages, the sound bindings make when opened, the dog-ears and marginalia—fossils—left behind. We want life to remain in-print, but most of all we want to connect readers and writers. We therefore publish in paperback and ebook formats, and use all of today's technologies to make those connections. Our goal is not to grow into a behemoth, but to move lithely, stay smart, and survive in our changing world. Trachodon Publishing LLC was formed in late 2010 in order to better serve our mission and fulfill our vision.   




John Carr Walker: Editor, Publisher, and Founder. John's fiction has appeared in numerous journals, including StringTown, The Writer's Dojo, Prick of the Spindle, Eclectica, and Slow Trains.  He has taught English at the high school and university levels, and was editor of Silk Road: A Journal of Place from 2007 to 2009.  He's now a stay-at-home dad, and is at work on a collection of short stories and a novel.    

Katey Schultz: Associate Editor. Katey is the author of the nonfiction chapbook Lost Crossings and the editor of two fiction anthologies. Achievements include the Linda Flowers Literary Prize and the Press 53 Open Award for Short Story. Her stories have appeared in River Styx; Calyx; Fiction Daily; The Outlet; Driftwood; War, Literature, & the Arts, and more. She formerly served on the staff of Silk Road and was recently promoted to the advisory board for Memoir [and] Journal.  


Credits is managed by John Walker. The banner images were taken by Lara Main.  


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